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September 18, 2016

  The Miami Dolphins traveled to play our division champion New England Patriots in Foxboro. The backup quarterback looked like and played like Tom Brady. If the Miami Dolphins defense didn't knock the quarterback out of the game the outclome would not have been pretty. Ryan Tannehill took advantage of some match ups and delivered the ball to really turn the game around and even had a chance to tie the game and go for the win. Unfortunately, Ryan threw an interception to seal the win for the Patriots but if that ball was caught by the Dolphins wide receiver we would be talking about Tannehill the hero. The Miami Dolphins are winless to the start the season and they play the Cleveland Brown who seem to be having their own problems this year. The Dolphins home opener in the new Hard Rock Stadium will be against the visiting Browns. I'm pleased with the effort from our players but want to see a win this week. Go Dolphins...

Staff Blogger, The Dolfanatic

September 11, 2016

  The Miami Dolphins traveled to the west coast for the home opener of the Seattle Seahawks. The defensive unit really kept the dolphins in this game and gave them an opportunity to win it but the fins could not hold on. I wasn't really happy with the offensive play calling because it seemed to be predicable. It appears the fins defense will keep this team in games but the offensive unit needs some consistancy otherwise this team will finish in the middle of the pack in December. The dolphins travel to New England to play in our first division game of the season and with Tom Brady on the sideline the fins should come away with a win. The defense will be ready but we need the offense to score more than ten points to get a win in New England. I'm was pleasantly surprised with the score in our first game holding the seahawks to twelve points. The defense will have to repeat this performance to help Ryan Tannehill get his first win of the season. Go Dolphins...

Staff Blogger, The Dolfanatic

August 25, 2016

  The Miami Dolphins just completed the most meaningful game of the preseason againt the visiting Atlanta Falcons. The team looked good in some individual match ups and even won the game which doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things. The next preseason game is just a showcase for the new additions to the league trying to get noticed and either remain with the fins or catch the eye of an organization in need of a great athlete. The stadium has been renovated and to some degree the team has been renovated with the infusion of young talent. We just need the Miami Dolphins to play with some consistency and put more wins on the scoreboard. I'm looking forward to the start of the regular season and even though we have our pro bowler in question with the injury to Mike Pouncey this just might be the year the fins get it together. Go Dolphins...

Staff Blogger, The Dolfanatic

July 31, 2016

  The Miami Dolphins just opened training camp and for most of us dolfans it could not have come soon enough. Dan Marino and Payton Manning were spotted out at training camp and this offense could use some tips from the Hall of Famer and future Hall of Famer. It all looks good on paper at this time of year and expectations are high as usual but will this team deliver. I'm optimistic but realistic at the same time, I know it sounds crazy but it's been really tough being a Miami Dolphins fan over the last decade. They all look like super stars in shorts and most young kids can't tell the rookies from the veterans but the excitment is at an all time high out at training camp. The pre-season is just around the corner and most fans can't wait to see the new improvements out at Dolphins stadium. The new coaching staff will be tested and the question is will this team deliver. Go Dolphins...

Staff Blogger, The Dolfanatic

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