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October 22, 2017

  The Miami Dolphins hosted the visiting New York Jets who looked like they might steal the game from the dolphins but our defense had other plans. The Jets had the lead early in the third quarter when the Jets defense knocked Jay Cutler out of the game. The dolphins got a whole lot more offense with Matt Moore taking the reins and leading this team to victory. The team seemed to come alive with Matt Moore throwing the ball and scoring his first touchdown of the second half to bring the fins within one score of tying the game. The defensive unit seemed to also hit another gear and stayed in the Jets backfield for the rest of the game. Matt Moore with momentum took the fins down the field and scored again to tye the game and then the fins defense attacked like junk yard dogs. The fins could smell blood in the water. The fins got the ball with four minutes on the clock but had to punt the ball away to the Jets. The fins defense intercept the ball and kick a fieldgoal to win the game. Go Dolphins...

Staff Blogger, The Dolfanatic

October 15, 2017

  The Miami Dolphins traveled to Atlanta to play the Falcons on the road. The game started off slow and the Falcons scored first in what looked like much of the same from the fins. This weekend would be much different because you could start to see the extra effort on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. We did benefit from a lucky bounce because our defense was giving the Falcons fits in the secondary. The play that broke the backs of the Falcons was when Matt Ryan tried going long and the fins defense would not let it happen from one dolphins defender to the other the ball bounced and resulted in a defensive interception to win the game. We get another shot at the division rival New York Jets at home but we hope for much different results than the first meeting. I did not pick the Dolphins to win this week or last week but the team pulled out the win. I'm not sure what to do next week with my weekly pickem league because they always seem to do the opposite of my selection. Go Dolphins...

Staff Blogger, The Dolfanatic

October 8, 2017

  The Miami Dolphins finally get to play a real home game against the visiting Tennessee Titans. This game resulted in a win but the offense is still extremely sloppy. The defensive unit continues to keep this team in the game. The Miami Dolphins ended the first half with the lead going into the locker room and the team was booed off the field. The fans in attendance shouted several times for Matt Moore but Jay Cutler remained in the game. The starting quarterback Marcus Mariota was not able to start this game and Matt Cassel was handed the responsibility. Matt Cassel really had a tough day with the dolphins defense breathing down his neck. This game was not pretty and we will take the win but things have to get much better on the offensive side of the ball. The fins travel north to Atlanta Georgia to play the Falcons who will test this team early and often with their offensive weapons. I look forward to a good game but don't have my hope too high. Go Dolphins...

Staff Blogger, The Dolfanatic

October 1, 2017

  The Miami Dolphins traveled across the pond in their first home game against the visiting New Orleans Saints. The Miami Dolphins and Saints had a very uneventful first half trading possession of the ball but not really doing anything. The Dolphins marched down the field with their first possession but Jay Cutler returned to his old form and threw a pick in the endzone to neutralize all the good work very early in the game. The Dolphins never really got things together for the rest of the game. We definitely want more from this team but do we want more of Jay Cutler or do we call for Matt Moore. Something has got to change with this team because if nothing changes then we will just have more of the same. How much more can the fans handle with this team only scoring six points in the last eight quarters of football. I'm sick and tired of this knelling thing going on during the national anthem and if it does not end soon the NFL will see lost revenue from gate receipts as the fans take a stand. Go Dolphins...

Staff Blogger, The Dolfanatic

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