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July 31, 2016

  The Miami Dolphins just opened training camp and for most of us dolfans it could not have come soon enough. Dan Marino and Payton Manning were spotted out at training camp and this offense could use some tips from the Hall of Famer and future Hall of Famer. It all looks good on paper at this time of year and expectations are high as usual but will this team deliver. I'm optimistic but realistic at the same time, I know it sounds crazy but it's been really tough being a Miami Dolphins fan over the last decade. They all look like super stars in shorts and most young kids can't tell the rookies from the veterans but the excitment is at an all time high out at training camp. The pre-season is just around the corner and most fans can't wait to see the new improvements out at Dolphins stadium. The new coaching staff will be tested and the question is will this team deliver. Go Dolphins...

Staff Blogger, The Dolfanatic

June 8, 2016

  The Miami Dolphins lost a great friend and the NFL lost a great football executive in the passing of Bryan Wiedmeier. I remember the early days when Director of Internet and Publications Scott Stone started the Web Weekend event. Bryan Wiedmeier was one of the first front office executives to address the Web Weekend group as Team President and made us feel like part of the Miami Dolphins family. He was a great man and took time to speak to many of the website representatives and thanked us for supporting the team. Bryan Wiedmeier passed after a four year fight with brain cancer. I offer my humble condolences to the family of Bryan Wiedmeier. Bryan was an incredible person and if you never got the chance and privilege to meet him, then you really missed an opportunity to meet one of the most well respected and down to earth people in the NFL. God Speed to you my friend. GoDolphins...

Staff Blogger, The Dolfanatic

May 8, 2016

  The stadium improvements are near completion and will the Miami Dolphins organization sellout to corporate america or will team owner Stephen Ross pay respect to the undefeated super bowl champion and longest tenured and accomplished Miami Dolphins Hall of Fame coach Don Shula. It would be an awesome honor but will it happen in a day and age when cash is king. This organization has lost its luster and respect over the years since the departure of our beloved Don Shula. In my humble opinion the right thing to do in this circumstance is to name the newly renovated building Don Shula Stadium. I don't think there needs to be a discussion as to why or review the numerous achievements of coach Shula. It should just get done and the Miami Dolphins organization will instantly regain some of the lost luster and respect that this team and organization was known for throughout the league. GoDolphins...

Staff Blogger, The Dolfanatic

April 3, 2016

  The Tannehills are celebrating their new pregnancy with recent pictures posted on the internet. Lauren Tannehill proudly showed off her new baby bump recently on her instagram account. The only other bump the Dolphins wish for is a bump in Ryan's production. Ryan Tannehill has exhausted all of his chances here in south Florida. It's time for Ryan to live up to the contract he signed because right now he is stealing money. I'm not drinking the Adam Gase cool aide because the offensive unit needs to step up to the plate and deliver. These guys are all professionals and the two year pass because there is a new coach or new coordinator is long gone. This billion dollar business demands results and that's exactly what this team needs a bump in production. If we had to start the season today this team does not win six games and that is unacceptable. I really wish this teams reality was different but it's not. GoDolphins...

Staff Blogger, The Dolfanatic

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